Airport Arrivals

By ordering this service you get a special status and priority of a VIP customer.
And it means that you can qualify for additional pleasant conveniences, inaccessible for other travelers.
For example, you can quickly go through routine procedures, avoiding tiresome idling in long queues.
You will also have a personal assistant who will meet you at the airport and help you deliver and put your luggage in an excellent car, prepared for you.
He will accompany you to the place, and then will carefully unload your luggage.
Your assistant will be always available to you throughout your journey, and he will be constantly ready to help you in any situation.
Any time you can refer to this person for any necessary information in the journey.
He will be also ready to help you organize any desired transport to any place of destination.

Airport Departures

We can offer you the same privileges for the time of your departure.
Then you will be met by your personal assistant, who can gently help you with your luggage and other problems of travelers.
You will be able to pass all routine procedures out of turn in an accelerated terminal.
Then you can calmly wait for your departure, enjoying your drink and reading newspapers.
Your personal assistant will accompany you on board the aircraft, to make sure that everything is ok and you are happy and to wish you a good trip.