Airport Arrivals

For customers who prefer perfection in everything we offer advanced features and additional luxury services.
This privilege will give you an unforgettable comfort and extra prestige.
You will be greeted politely by your personal attendant, and then you will be accompanied to the VIP terminal for the passage of routine procedures.
After that your personal assistant will help you take your luggage neatly and carry it into a luxury limousine, already waiting for you.
In this car you will be offered wi-fi, fresh periodical editions and some office equipment. You can continue to work while you're traveling in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Also, you will be available a few drinks and magazines that will give you the opportunity to just relax and unwind.

Airport Departures

You can also select the service with advanced luxury features for your departure.
The same luxury car will come and take you to the airport where you will pass through the special terminal for the accelerated routine procedure.
After that you will be taken to a private lounge where you can safely continue your work using the internet and other office technology or get quietly relaxing or watching television, flipping through newspapers and magazines.
You can also enjoy some drinks and snacks while waiting for your flight.
During this time your personal assistant will take care of safe delivery and loading of your luggage.
Then the car will take you directly to the aircraft.
Your assistant will escort you personally on the board to make sure that everything is OK, and to wish you bon voyage.